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Music From Within

Specializing in Music Technology and Education, we focus on those interested in doing more with music than just listening !

We thrive on helping people develop deeper, more fulfilling connections, particularly with "The Music Within."

Says owner, Glenn D. Reuther :
"Professionally, I've been a technology guy for many years, but for even longer I've been a multi-instrumental musician and home studio owner\operator. I live and breathe music !"

"Over the years, I have been developing the tools and techniques which have allowed me to tap into the music within me; truly creating a path of least resistance."

"This allows me to focus on music creation IN THE MOMENT, simultaneously as listener, performer and composer, with the most complete route available, i.e., for creating 5 minutes of music in 5 minutes. My process is instinctive, and allows me to connect directly with the music within me. Now I can help others do the same."
"It's so fulfilling, it's time to share this with the world."

"My studio and workflow has evolved to include software and hardware solutions which I continue to design, develop and use, in order to make the technology transparent, and leaves me to focus on the task at hand; getting to listen to the music I hear in my head."

We improvise our way through life; why should our approach to music be any different ?!
Currently we can provide information, lessons, support, and services associated with your own ability to tap into The Music Within YOU.

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